CargoLoop is committed to exploring the most cost-effective options for worry-free delivery of your watercraft cargo. Our customers have around-the-clock access to our unmatched tracking system, as well as prompt, personal assistance when questions or concerns arise.

Local Transportation

To transport your watercraft from boat dealers and auctions to shipping terminals, we rely on our long-standing contracts with trustworthy trucking companies. Together, we work to get your cargo safely and efficiently to an outbound port (Baltimore, New Jersey, Savannah, Jacksonville, Houston/Galveston, and Seattle/Tacoma).

Ocean Transportation

We routinely ship yachts, sailboats, speedboats, and other watercraft from the USA to worldwide destinations, including Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand. We offer the following ocean freight shipping methods:

  • Standard ocean containers (20’, 40’ or 45’)

    This is the most economical form of transportation, but our account managers will help to determine if this is the best option based on the size of your watercraft.

  • Flat rack shipping

    Straps are used to secure the watercraft to a flat rack, which is a non-enclosed container, and then loaded onto the transport ship. This method is best for oversized watercraft, and our account managers will help to determine if this is the best option for you.

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