Machinery Shipping

When transporting oversized or high-and-heavy cargo such as tractors, heavy machinery, and construction equipment, successful delivery depends on sufficient planning, cost-effectiveness, and attention to detail. CargoLoop is prepared to handle the logistics of any type of equipment through all stages of the process.

Our client managers have the expertise and resources to safely and efficiently manage:

  • Equipment pickup from auction and direct delivery to port
  • Dismantling of equipment for most cost-effective delivery
  • Flat Rack Shipments

We’ll explore the most cost-effective options for worry-free, scratch-free delivery of your cargo. As always, you’ll have around-the-clock access to our unmatched tracking system at your fingertips, plus prompt personal assistance whenever you need us.

Local Transportation

We have the expertise and capabilities to transport all sizes of equipment. Our services include:

  • Planning transportation with pilot or escort services from pick-up location to port of loading
  • Obtaining necessary permits from different states
  • Obtaining insurance
  • If needed, breaking down equipment into multiple sections for cost efficiency

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